Emotional Visuals

It is your story to tell
I am here to help you capture your chapter

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"Positive vibe"

"Cherie makes being in front of the camera not only natural and comfortable, but enjoyable! She has the ability to capture any personality while taking the time to get to know her clients' desire for the shoot. Cherie's positive vibe throughout our time made working with her so pleasant and looking forward to next time!


"Most organic photos"

"Cherie did such a wonderful job of making us (and especially the kids) feel at ease. (None of that typical chin up, elbow down, turn your head this way and now that way kinda stuff.) She took the most organic photos of us here at home! I'm thrilled at how they turned out and will cherish them forever!"


"Some kind of magic"

"So amazing! I didn't think I'd have any good photos with how crazy my kids were being but she worked some kind of magic!!! All of my photos are amazing and beautiful. I'm so thankful"


Our latest photos, go ahead and take a peek, you'll enjoy them

Hello friends,
I'm Cherie

Hello friends,
I'm Cherie

Why I do what I do >>

I like to enjoy the in between moments. The journey. When we go on a trip wether it be traveling to Orlando or moving across country, my favorite part is the drive. It is where my family learns the most from each other, where we are the most intimate, and I started this business knowing that those are the memories that people want captured.
I am a mom of two, a wife to a military man, and a daughter of a king. I am active in the community and outdoors. I am a coffee snob, Gigi Pip wearing, country loving, somehow roaming animal finding lady.
So buckle up, lets go on a ride together and get those special moments where you can be yourself and hang a different photo on the wall that doesn't look like your friends. Because you are special and your pictures should be too.